The Sport of eventing draws its roots from a calvary test requiring mastery in multiple diciplines of riding. It has now evolved into a 3-day format in which riders train to compete in Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross-Country Jumping.

Suzanne is a current eventer herself who has competed at nearly every rated show on the west coast and prides herself on the eventing success of her students. She offers training of your horse, lessons, and hauling to events where she closely teachers and oversees her students progress to give your child the best chance at success from their first thought of a show till they bring home their blue ribbon!

This year has been a competitive success and a great good time for everyone involved. Students brought home ribbons and prizes this year from Woodside, Twin Rivers, RamTap and Eventful Acres, Camalot Equestrian Park, as well as many local schooling shows and dressage shows.


(based on $1.00/mile/horse or $.80/mile/horse with 2 or more horses)
Woodside: $150 or $120 each in group
Twin Rivers: $240 or $200
Ram Tap: $240 or $200
Eventful Acres: $240 or $200
Sheppard Ranch: $325
Copper Meadows: $350


3 Day Event: $50.00/day or $175 Thurs-Sun
Horse Show: $50
Dressage Show: $30

$50 per ride
$175 for three phases of 3 day
Grooming owner’s responsibility

Groups 2-4 riders 1.5 to 2 hours: $80.00 each