A trained horse is quiet, supple and obedient, his movements smooth, his attitude eager. Whether the owner’s goal is dressage, jumping or the world of three day eventing the willing partnership is essential in the lifelong journey toward success.

Whether your young steed needs to be saddled for the first time or your more distinguished pony has picked up a few bad habits, we can offer training sessions for both horse and rider to get over the many hurdles that come along in the rewarding process of training your own horse. Suzanne is more than happy to offer a consultation with you and your horse and design a training program that will fit both your desires and budget.

Starting an untrained horse requires a six day a week program for thirty, sixty or ninety days. This price is $1250 per month.                   Full training your green horse or green rider can succeed with three lessons for you or your horse per week. This package costs $925 per month.

As training is such a specialized need for each horse, we recommend contacting Suzanne by phone to discuss your needs at 707-579-0505 or cell phone, (707)569-4497